Surgery for Athletes


I understand athletes, and have a particular professional interest in Surgery for Athletes. I am an avid Snowboarder, Golfer and CrossFitter, and played high-level Australian Rules Football for more than 10 years, winning one memorable premiership. Following a shoulder injury and subsequent reconstruction I returned to play, but also moved into coaching and administration. I eventually become the Vice President of the West Coast Amateur Football Club and a board member of the WAAFL. In this role I led the development of the first concussion policy for community football in Australia.

I have experience across all levels of sport, including working with elite athletes from:

  • English Premier League (EPL)
  • English Cricket and Rugby Union Teams
  • National Hockey League (NHL) in North America

I have also worked with high-level footballers, swimmers, dancers and martial artists along with athletes across a range of other individual and team sports.

Injury Management, Surgery & Rehabilitation

Excellent decision-making is a critical part of effective injury management in sport. Especially in athletes, deciding when and when not to operate is a crucial skill, and I strive to achieve desired outcomes with the minimum intervention possible. I believe that my knowledge and experience in modern, advanced and best-practice techniques in minimally invasive surgery plays a critical role in achieving excellent results.

I encourage a tailored, athlete-specific rehabilitation program after injury and surgery. Rather than relying on generic timelines to determine progress, I utilise individualised criteria that are based on:

  • Restoration of Range of Motion
  • Minimising Swelling
  • Core Stability and Strength
  • Symmetrical Strength and Tone
  • Excellent Stability of the Operated Joint
  • General Fitness
  • Confidence

Return to Play

I know what it takes to get athletes back to their desired level of function and performance. Whether recreational or professional, athletes require a dedicated multi-disciplinary approach to not only return to play, but return to play well. Excellent communication and an understanding of best practice injury management, surgery and rehabilitation is a critical part of achieving positive results. I will work closely with your Sport Physicians, Physiotherapists, Trainers and Strength & Conditioning coaches to provide a well-managed recovery and successful return to play.

Whatever your level of sport, I am dedicated to providing the level of service required to help you successfully achieve your goals and get back in the game.