Having presented extensively and published a number of papers in peer-reviewed journals, Peter possesses a strong belief in evidence-based practice. He is committed to ongoing research and teaching through his collaboration with the international Surgical Outcomes System and his position as Clinical Senior Lecturer in the School of Surgery at the University of Western Australia.



Peter is a founding director of the Orthopaedic Research Foundation of Western Australia. World class prospective trials with thorough outcome and data collection allows the foundation to pursue its vision of being at the forefront of Orthopaedic knowledge development in Australia. This maximises research and innovation opportunities for local surgeons leading to improved understanding and most importantly better patient results. The foundation has also created an opportunity for international surgeons to undertake fellowships gaining experience of advanced Arthroscopic Reconstruction and Sports Surgery in Perth.

All Peter’s patients will be informed of available research projects that they may participate in. Current research projects underway (in conjunction with the University of Western Australia) include:

HIP: A prospective study investigating patient outcome following conservative therapy and/or hip arthroscopic surgery for symptomatic non-arthritic hip pain.

KNEE: A prospective study investigating patient outcome following surgical reconstruction for multi-ligament knee injuries.


  • Return to Sport after Shoulder Instability Surgery (Jay Ebert, Peter D’Alessandro).
  • Management of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in the Australian Football League (Rhys Daniel, Peter D’Alessandro).
  • A Study Investigating the surgical and radiological incidence of Meniscocapsular Ramp Lesions in patients undergoing ACL Reconstruction (Matt Greenway, Ed Waters, Anton Le Roux, Peter D’Alessandro).
  • A Prospective Study Investigating Patient Outcomes following Surgical Reconstruction for Multi-Ligament Knee Injuries (Rob Evans, Bertram Rieger Jay Ebert, Peter D’Alessandro).
  • A Prospective Study Investigating Patient Outcomes Following Conservative Therapy and/or Hip Arthroscopic Surgery for Non-Arthritic Hip Pain (Jay Ebert, Peter D’Alessandro).
  • Management of Glenohumeral arthritis in athletes; (Len Funk, Andrew Wallace, Peter D’Alessandro).
  • Functional Outcomes after Surgical Repair of Musculotendinous Junction Tears of the Pectoralis Major (David Graham, Nick Wambeek, Jay Ebert, Peter D’Alessandro).
  • 10 Year Outcomes of the Bicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (Jen Woodhouse, Peter D’Alessandro, David Wood).


Peter believes there are significant benefits in international collaboration, and is part of a group of 3000 surgeons worldwide who form part of the ‘Surgical Outcomes System’ (SOS). This cutting-edge resource aims to provide accurate assessment of outcomes and responses to surgery, and assists in the development of superior surgical techniques. Peter asks each of his patients to voluntarily participate in this ongoing de-identified study. Participation involves taking a few minutes at most to complete an online questionnaire at certain time periods after treatment. This will provide a unique opportunity to track progress and compare outcomes to thousands of patients around the world, which will ideally benefit not only each patient but also the wider community.


University of Western Australia
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Clinical Senior Lecturer, School of Surgery
Interview Panelist; for Prospective Students
Mentor; Personal and Professional Development Unit
Examiner; 4th Year Medical Students
Tutor; Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Medicine

Department of Orthopaedics
Faculty Member; Division of Arthroscopy, Reconstructive Surgery & Joint Preservation
Examiner; Orthopaedic Resident Training Program


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Perth Sports Surgery & Reconstructive Arthroscopy Fellowship
Orthopaedic Research Foundation of Western Australia


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