Common Orthopaedic Conditions & Treatment
Bethesda Hospital GP Education
Thursday August 1, 2019

Sports Medicine Dinner Symposium
Current Concepts in Reconstruction
25 July 2019

Meniscal Transplant Workshop
University of Western Australia
19 June 2019

Orthopaedics for GPs: What Really Matters
GP Education evening held at SJOG Murdoch
Thursday July 26, 2018

A Complete Orthopaedic Update for General Practice
GP Education day hosted by Coastal Orthopaedics
Saturday September 1, 2018

Leadership...What does it really mean?
Australian Orthopaedic Association Young Leaders’ Forum
November 2017
University of NSW, Sydney

‘Let’s Talk Orthopaedics in General Practice’
GP Education Evening Hosted by Coastal Orthopaedics
Thursday 11 August 2016
University Club of Western Australia