Coronavirus (COVID-19) / Telehealth Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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We are doing our utmost to protect all our patients, staff and the wider community from the spread of COVID-19. Telehealth Available for all Patients.

To ensure continued access to the highest quality Orthopaedic care during these challenging times, Peter is making TeleHealth consultations accessible to all patients: Existing and New.

Please contact Bronwyn on 9230 6353 or bronwyn@coastalorthopaedics.com.au if you would like to organise an appointment at any time.

Access to Surgery

The Federal Government, with the support of the medical community, has postponed non-urgent elective surgery in our hospital systems. Peter continues to provide a comprehensive consultation service along with Trauma and Urgent surgical care in both the public and private systems. Patients who need urgent surgical care for fractures or acute injuries can still access surgery through my team if it is required.

Comprehensive Management

Our surgeons are committed to best practice management of all Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal conditions. We remain available to provide specialist advice and work closely with our allied health colleagues to maximise function and minimise pain, even if surgical management is to be delayed.